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NeTEx overview

NeTEx has been developed under the aegis of CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation) and is the most recent development stage in over fifteen years work to systemise and harmonize European passenger information data.

NeTEx provides a means to exchange data for passenger information such as stops, routes timetables and fares, among different computer systems, together with related operational data. It can be used to collect and integrate date from many different stakeholders, and to reintegrate it as it evolves through successive versions.

NeTEx is intended to be a general purpose XML format, designed for the efficient, updateable exchange of complex transport data among distributed systems. This allows the data to be used in modern web services architectures and to support a wide range of passenger information and operational applications.

To find out more about the NeTEX data model, visit the NeTEX website.


Ideally all member states will provide NeTEx files according to the European Passenger Information Profile (EPIP) on their respective National Access Point. Data4PT provides some artefacts to simplify producing and quality assure such information.

First of all a simplified and EPIP-adapted version of the full NeTEx XML schema has been produced.

NeTEx software details

The following list of software is known to support NeTEx. We distinguish between different categories that may later receive a list of key performance indicators.

Conversion of NeTEx between other formats

Name Availability Description Profile License URL
gtfs2netexfr Available Export GTFS data to NeTEx. French
hastus Available Giro Hastus OIG script to export NeTEx from a system, in addition can export crew operations. Dutch, Norwegian(?) AGPL-3.0
josm-plugin-netex-converter Available Export OpenStreetMap pedestrian routing information into NeTEx. GPL 2.0

Data Validation tools

Name Availability Description Profile License URL
XMLlint Available XML syntax validation, XSD schema validation and constraint checking. All MIT

Language bindings and software development aids

NeTEx XML bindings
Name Availability Description Profile License URL
netex-java-model Available NeTEx XML bindings for Java, with additions to map temporal types to native objects. Any EUPL
netex-csharp-model Not Available NeTEx XML bindings for C#. Currently being researched with a variety of tools.
Contact DATA4PT if you have questions or have found the golden egg.

Editing /Management & visualisation tools for NeTEx data

Name Availability Description Profile License URL
Chouette Available Java based NeTEx tools, transforms between profiles and standards (NeTEx, GTFS, Neptune). EPIP Apache 2.0
mobilitx Available
mobiref Available
NeTEx Reader In Development C# based XML tool, based on Giro Hastus XSD. Dutch
netexconv2 In Development Java based NeTEx tools, transforms between profiles and standards (NeTEx, DINO, HAFAS, KV1, GTFS). Dutch, EPIP, Norwegian, VDV462 Available EPIP

NeTEx data enabled

Name Availability Description Profile License URL
OpenTripPlanner Available Timetable and shortest path journey planner supporting reading various input formats including GTFS and NeTEx. Norwegian Apache 2.0