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Transmodel is the short name for the European Standard “Public Transport Reference Data Model” (EN 12896). It contributes to improving a number of features of public transport information and service management: in particular, the standard facilitates interoperability between information processing systems of the transport operators and agencies.

Public transport services rely increasingly on information systems to ensure reliable, efficient operation and widely accessible, accurate passenger information. These systems are used for a range of specific purposes: setting schedules and timetables, managing vehicle fleets, issuing tickets and receipts, providing real time information on service running, and so on.

Transmodel has an important strategic role for European Public Transport data. Under the ITS Directive (Priority Action A ), by 2019 all EC member states must make their data available under Transmodel based standard formats such as NeTEx and SIRI. Transmodel is also being used to harmonise the TAP TSI rail standards into a uniform pan-European model, so is of direct relevance to rail carriers.

To find out more about Transmodel, please visit the Transmodel website.